How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

Here are the main points about cleaning and maintaining your cast iron skillet.

Dishwasher, dishwashing detergents and scrubbers are not suitable for cleaning

It is not possible to clean the cast iron skillet in a dishwasher, since this can damage the natural protective coating and destroy the patina. Cast iron skillets must not be cleaned with detergent, as this will damage the surface of the cast iron skillet, which makes them very vulnerable to rust. Read more

How to Use a Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron Skillets – Trendy and Classic

Cast iron skillets are among the classics in the kitchen and are equally popular among professional and hobby gourmets. Even our ancestors cooked with cast iron skillets over open fire or coal and wood herds. Since then the pans and pots have hardly changed. And no matter whether it is a gas or electric stove, a ceramic or an induction hob, or in the oven: fried and stewed from the cast iron skillet is simply unbeatable! Read more

How To Cook With Cast Iron

Cast iron cookware are very popular among hobby cooks but also with pro chefs in restaurants. On the one hand they are very practical and on the other hand they look nice visually. In this post I will tell you everything about cooking in cast iron, be it a pan, pot or skillet. Read more

How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet

Most cast iron skillets need to be seasoned before their first use.

Corrosion Protection of Cast Iron Skillets

At delivery many cast iron skillets have a so-called corrosion protection. Manufacturers do this to prevent rust. Therefore it is often necessary to remove the corrosion protection before it can be seasoned. You can remove this protection e.g. with the aid of a rinsing brush and a rinsing agent. Whether there is corrosion protection at all on your cast iron skillet and how this can be best removed is usually also highlighted in the enclosed instructions. You should check those instructions in any case. Read more